Doodle FAQs

Where did the Doodle idea come from?

        Regardless of how much we love our dogs, not many of us enjoy the dog hair that collects on the sofa, behind the dresser and under the bed. I'm not allergic to dogs, but my daughter is, and every time she would visit our 100 year old farm house, she'd go home needing a breathing treatment. Loose dog hair was always accumulating in dust bunnies under my table and around the feet of my chairs. It is reasonable to assume that the doodle craze began with a desire to enjoy a favorite dog breed without all the shedding. It is generally agreed that the first breed to be doodled was the Cocker Spaniel. From the history available, it appears that the Labrador was doodled next, followed by the Golden Retriever, both with supposedly the noble motive of providing a service dog that would not cause allergy problems. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are two of the most favored dogs for service dog training, and their reduced shedding is a significant factor in their popularity. However, the low shedding coat is just one benefit of a hybrid dog.

Why Doodles?

Hybrid Vigor

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