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        Much time and research goes into breeding the finest bernedoodles. We import our Bernese Mountain dogs from Hungary and Ukraine to get the heavy head and stocky build. We purchase dogs from champion lines with good hips and then DNA test to preclude any known diseases. Our poodles provide the genetics that produce gorgeous markings and the "perfect bernedoodle look." These efforts yield happy customers who love their bernedoodles as family members and send us testimonials expressing their ongoing delight in their new fur-babies.

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        Bernedoodles are a designer hybrid cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and its teddy bear personality, gorgeous coat and markings, heavy shedding and short life span, with a standard poodle, and its well deserved reputation as the smartest dog with a loving personality, non-shedding coat and improved life span. When the two are bred together, their diverse genetic background produces a hybrid puppy that is healthier than either breed alone, with DOUBLE the life expectancy of the BERNER, low shedding coat and highly trainable intelligence. It's a win/win!!


        This new hybrid is fast becoming extremely popular, and anyone with  money to purchase two dogs can become a bernedoodle breeder. Be careful where you purchase your bernedoodle puppies. Many people know enough to label the F1, F1b and F2 generations, but far fewer understand the genetic implications of those terms or raise their puppies in sanitary conditions, with the best food available and all medical precautions to ensure you are receiving a puppy that will supply you with many years of happiness. There are also many bernedoodle breeders still trying to figure out how to produce the tri-colored puppies with Berner markings. Don't rush to spend those thousands of dollars. Wait until you find the perfect BERNEDOODLE Puppies For Sale, with beautiful, full color markings, a low shedding coat and full health warranty.

THAT'S the only kind we raise!

        The run away popularity of these Bernedoodles has triggered development of new sizes, new generations and new hybrids. The Bernese Mountain Dog, when bred to a standard poodle, produces a smarter dog with less shedding and a longer lifespan. When bred to a small poodle, the Bernese Mountain dog produces a mini Bernedoodle. When that product is bred back to yet a smaller poodle, a smaller mini is produced. That generation is more poodle than the original Bernedoodle, and the wonderfully mellow temperament that was originally associated with the Bernedoodle, is not as obvious in ensuing generations, nor in the smaller dogs, as the poodles used to breed them are not as mellow as the standard poodle used to breed the original hybrid. Other breeders have incorporated genetics from other dog breeds in an attempt to improve on an already wonderful combination. Whether those combinations will in fact yield improvements in health, intelligence and life span can only be known as we watch how the breed develops in the future.

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